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About The Store

Foxtale main mission is to make quality skincare products accessible to all women. While they choose the safest and most efficacious ingredients, they do not equate them with exorbitant prices. At the same time, they ensure the most basic products are made as efficacious as the most topical treatments so that we have happy skin irrespective of where we are in our skincare journey.

Terms and Conditions

→   Tracking Information

Reporting : RealTime
Deeplink : YES
Mobile App: NO
Mobile Web : YES
Desktop : YES
Payment Time : 45 - 60 Days
Validation Criteria: Only Successful Sale
Cashback Allowed
Deals/ Coupons Allowed
PopUp/ ClickUnder Allowed
Conversion Flow
  1. The user visits the store via the BestDealsInfo tracking link.
  2. The user makes a purchase by Paying Online or via COD.
  3. Purchase is tracked within 24 to 48 hours and is added to their BestDealsInfo account with the status as “Pending”.
  4. The sale is validated within 45 to 60 days & status is changed from “Pending” to “Verified”.
  5. In case the item is returned/canceled, the transaction becomes invalid and the transaction status changes to “Rejected”.